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Lying Still

by Mauzilkree

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  1. Apr 13,  · Lying Still - Level 42 (Badarou, Gould, King) [Verse] Gm G She came thru the door round my place Gm G She was not the same Bm Gm I reached out my hand to touch her face Gm7 C She turned her head a-way Gm Her words flew in empty circles G Gm7 G Reasons unex-plained Db I saw that her thoughts were somewhere else D Gm Gm7 Dm We made love any.
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  5. Lie Still by Julia Heaberlin is set for an early July release and is a Bantam publication. Emily and her husband Mike move from New York to Clairmont, Texas. Mike has taken the job of police chief here. Emily is expecting their first child and is constantly on guard because of several previous miscarriages/5.
  6. Artist statement Lying Still () The images in Lying Still examine notions of the self, mortality, sexuality, intimacy, roles and relationships and their ever-evolving structures. Through the use of staging, I examine the artist’s relationship to the camera, while both observing and being observed.
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