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Saturns Return

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  1. Sep 08,  · When we enter our second Saturn return at age we are asked to ground the knowledge that we have amassed on the second leg of our journey and find the practical applications of it. As with your first Saturn return as you entered through this doorway you are pushed to enter into the next stage of life and leave the stage you are in behind.
  2. Check out Saturns-Return's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.
  3. Your first Saturn return is when the planet Saturn — which takes approximately 29 years to rotate around the Sun — comes back to the position it was in at your birth. For example, if you were born between & , the odds are good that your Saturn return started on Saturday October 6th
  4. Saturn’s Cycle and the relevance of your SATURN RETURN. Includes your personal dates and astrological interpretation written by Tchenka Sunderland, one of Britain's best astrologers. NOTE: This report is based solely on the zodiac sign that Saturn was in at your time of birth. In order to gain a deeper understanding of your own chart you need.
  5. 88 rows · Dec 19,  · In astrology, we call it the Saturn return. There’s a very obvious .
  6. Jan 01,  · The Saturn Return Calculator will provide the major Saturn Returns. These include the dates for your First Saturn Return, Second Saturn Return, and even Third Saturn Returns. It also will provide your Saturn Return Placement. Once you press Calculate, be sure to click on the result to be taken to your Sign.
  7. May 31,  · The Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn comes back to meet your natal Saturn. It takes about years for this slow-mover to return to where it was when you were born. The Saturn return hits in the late 20s and its impact is felt into the early 30s.
  8. The effects of the Saturn Return are strongest and most noticeable when transiting Saturn enters the orb of some eight degrees either side of Saturn's natal position, but are clearly evident to one degree or another when Saturn enters the actual Saturn Sign itself and diminish relatively rapidly once Saturn leaves your Saturn Sign.
  9. Your second Saturn return comes around when you’re about fifty-eight years old. At the time of your first Saturn return, you’re in your 20’s. You have plenty of time to do just about anything. If you’re “behind”, you can still catch up. By the time the second return rolls around, you’re pretty much facing a time crunch.

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